About Me

My name is Lisa McAully and I create purposeful content for women.

Why choose me?

Our readers and clients have a problem. Each day they face a deluge mediocre content. They are overwhelmed by articles and posts that are at best superficial, misleading and uninspired.

I offer an alternative. Informative and engaging content that gets to the heart of women’s challenges, interests and experiences.

My content is easy to read and on-point. It’s also SEO friendly.

On a personal note, my clients trust me, and I always deliver.

lisamcaully.com - Purposeful content

What am I really about?

Through my work I strive to:

  • Identify and explore shared challenges women experience as they move through different life phases
  • Dispel falsehoods about womanhood and life that fill our newsfeeds
  • Gather and celebrate the collective wisdom of women
  • Challenge the invisibility of women’s efforts, needs and lives

Does this align with your vision and content strategy? If so, reach out! I’d love to know more about your business and content needs.

Professional background

I spent the first ten years of my career working as a Business Analyst and Project Manager, mainly in information technology, health and safety, and mining industries.

After a difficult first pregnancy and my introduction to the glorious mess that is motherhood, I felt I strong pull towards women’s issues. I wanted to find a way to support women who experienced similar challenges to me.

I spent a few years exploring the project entrepreneur space and created products for women experiencing pregnancy sickness. You can still find my eBook, The Morning Sickness Survival Guide on Amazon.

The experience gave me a great foundation in content development and digital marketing. It was also my entry point into delving into different challenges women face each day.

I’m now firmly focused on creating content for women that’s trustworthy, insightful and purposeful.

Are you short on time and doing it all in your business? Do you need an injection of compelling material to boost your blog or your brand? I can help. Who Am I? My name is Lisa, and I’m a freelance writer for hire. I provide women in business, soloists, small businesses and digitally native brands with purposeful and insightful writing. My current focus areas include: All facets of womanhood including the juggle, the struggle, health, motherhood and lifestyle; IT and small business; Women in business; Yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Putting the right words together is harder than it looks. I can help you with easy to read, engaging website material that connects with your audience and leads to action you want.